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WVU Falls To Wisconsin 70-63

The Mountaineers finish the 2013 Cancun Challenge as runners up to the #10 Wisconsin Badgers 70-63.


Last year, 2012-2013 Mountaineers would have given up after #10 Wisconsin went ahead by 17 with six minutes left in the first half. This team, the 2013-2014 West Virginia squad, proved their character and battled back into the game. Wisconsin is deserving of their high rank and were able to keep the Eers behind a two possession cushion the entire night. The Badgers finished off the job with foul shooting going 15-17 (.882).

We knew we were going to find out a lot about this WVU team going into tonight and the results are mostly positive. The character and toughness are both there.  Shooting from the field is definitely there. The offensive production was driven by the effort of Juwan Staten (18 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds) and Eron Harris (27 points, 7/11 from three).

The one big area that WVU must improve on is foul shooting.  A 42% night is not going to get it done especially when conference play starts in January.  It would have been nice to get this one, but this is definitely not going to end up on that "bad loss" graphic come March.

Next game is Dec. 2nd against Loyola at the Oliver Garden.