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WVU - Old Dominion Preview: You Boys Like Mexico?

The West Virginia University men's basketball team finally travel for the fun part of the 2013 Cancun Challenge schedule against the Old Dominion Monarchs tonight at 6PM in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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Game Day Vitals

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Game Preview

It has come to this fan base's attention that the West Virginia University Basketball Mountaineers might not be awful. In fact, they might be pretty good. Five games in, the Eers are Top 25 in scoring and assists along with shooting over 50% from the field. Even better news is that WVU's Juwan Staten is not only leading the Big XII in assists, but is only behind OSU Marcus Smart and our very own 3RON for conference scoring pole position. This is all awesome, but we're only five games in.

WVU travels to Mexico tonight to face a fellow 4-1 team Old Dominion. Like WVU, ODU has been wrecking people in their wins, but hasn't played outside of their home arena yet this year. Not saying that the Aventura Palace Convention Center is a hostile environment, but it might cause the Monarchs to look uncomfortable. That being said, WVU has to find its own version of comfort. With any luck, the Mountaineers continue their shooting ways and go onto win by a solid margin.

Prediction: WVU 85, ODU 74