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Mountaineer Gifs From The Cutting Room Floor

WVU football related gifs that never saw the light of day.

There's some gifs I make that never see the light of day. Mostly because the outcome of the game doesn't match with what happens in the gif. Since we're in a bye week, now would see like a good time to look back at what didn't happen.

For me, the big one was the Dark Knight bank scene between Dana Holgorsen and Tommy Tuberville. Confidence got the better of me and the Mountaineers this day last year. You could argue that things haven't been the same since. But don't blame me for the Karma. I'm just the gif maker.


To a lesser extent, this.


More recently, we had a game with Texas that you might have heard of. If not for a pass interference call, this would be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, that happened and this didn't.

This also didn't happen, but if you've seen the movie Crossroads, you can appreciate it.

In general, Clint Trickett has had some issues wrapping his hands around Holgorsen's offense. It seemed only fitting that he would need to spend some time in the Holgo/Dawson boot camp. But getting knocked out in the Texas game kind of killed that idea. Still, I'm a huge fan of Full Metal Jacket and Stanley Kubrick. I really need to find a way to work in more Dr. Strangelove gifs. Until then...