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Eers Fall In Blacksburg 87-82

The West Virginia Mountaineers lose to the Virginia Tech Hokies after leading at one point by 17.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountaineers were absolutely dominating the Hokies on their own floor with seven minutes left in the first half. Everything was going WVU's way including this dunk that actually ended up not counting due to a foul on the floor.


Then... everything fell apart. The Hokies ended up stringing off a 22-11 run (including a three pointer beating the half time buzzer) to finish the half only down five. The Tech momentum continued on into the second half pulling the Hokies to have a ten point advantage a quarter into the second half. WVU ended up showing toughness in getting back into the game including making it quite interesting toward the end, but the failure to sink layups, open shots, and free throws were the Mountaineers' demise.

WVU looks to get back on the winning horse with a game on Sunday against Duquesne in the Oliver Garden at 1PM.