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West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Virginia Tech Basketball Preview

WVU takes on Virginia Tech this afternoon at 1 pm as part of the ESPN 24 Hours of Basketball marathon.


Game Day Vitals

Opponent Information

Twitter is Fun

Let's just say that the VT hoops program support is in disarray.

What the Hell is a USC Upstate?

They've got their own Dining Twitter account...which is nice. I guess.

Game Preview

The 1 pm start time sucks for most fans, I know. Some of the powers that be will say "TV exposure!" But what good is that if most who want to watch are at work or school? We will have a game thread up, regardless.

Virginia Tech isn't very good (see result above) and apparently we can shoot the ball this year (so far...*crosses fingers, no jinxies). It does appear that WVU will be without the services of one Terry Henderson again, but it shouldn't matter unless we get into serious foul trouble.

Prediction: WVU 82, VPI 59