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Mountain Men Last Stand: The Trickett File

With the hopes of a bowl game fading fast, coaches Holgorsen and Dawson look for an edge against TCU.

After their failure to create the perfect quarterback for the Air Raid last week, Holgorsen and Dawson return to their underground laboratory to compare Halloween costumes and create a mutant superhero.

Dana_medium...and some jerk thought I should be Beetlejuice for Halloween. So naturally, I was the Joker. I'm having a time getting the makeup off, though.

Dawson_medium I went as a pirate.

Dana_medium Really? Hard to tell from the hat.

Dawson_medium Shut up, Dana!

Dana_medium Whatever...anyway, we gotta get this offense going.

Dawson_medium We could run the ball.

Dana_medium (mockingly) "We could run the ball." Yes we could. Or maybe we could punt on first down.

Dawson_medium Why do you even ask for my opinion.

Dana_medium Show me a tear, Shannon. Go grab a Red Bull and shake it off.

Dana_medium Better?

Dawson1_medium Better!

Dana_medium We have got to boost Trickett's confidence so he'll believe in himself and the team will believe in him.

Dawson1_medium Shew! I vote we give him some Red Bull. Cause I am feeling goooooooood, y'all!

Winkler_medium Visualize and attack.

Dana_medium Arthur Fonzarelli?

Winkler_medium That's Mr. Coach Klein, thank you very much.

Dana_medium How did you get down here?

Winkler_medium I didn't. I'm a figment of coach Dawson's imagination. You really shouldn't give him Red Bull. It makes him hallucinate.


Dana_medium Okay. Well, you go in the corner and keep quiet until Shannon sobers up. M'kay?

Trickett_face_medium You wanted to see me coach?

Dana_mediumClint. Yes, come over here and give this a try.


Trickett_face_mediumWow! What is this thing?

Dana_medium Don't know. But if anyone gets in your way Saturday, I want you to light them up!

Trickett_face_medium Is that legal coach?

Dana_medium Does it matter? We're trying to get to a bowl game, son!

Trickett_face_medium Coach Dawson? What should I do? Coach?

Dawson2_medium ...

Trickett_face_mediumWhat's wrong with coach Dawson?

Dana_medium Too much coffee. Look Clint, for better or worse you're our quarterback for the rest of the season. As a leader, it's your responsibility to look out for your teammates. To protect them and do what's in their best interests.

Trickett_face_medium But I could go to jail if I use this on someone.

Dana_medium No one said being a leader was easy.

Trickett_face_medium What about you and coach Dawson?

Dana_medium He's so looped up right now, he won't remember anything. And me? Two words, plausible denyability.


Dana_medium Exactly! Now go get some rest. You're going to need it.