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"Which is Worse?" Play the WVU Football Version!

You know things are difficult when you're asking "Which medicine tastes better?"

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I have two buddies whose wives have left them after a few years of marriage. One’s took off with a biker gang, the other left him for another woman. I’ve spent time trying to figure out which would make me feel worse. On one hand, anyone who runs off with a biker gang has some issues and it would be pretty easy to say it wasn’t your fault. On the other hand, if she runs off with another woman it wasn’t necessarily you, either, as she just wasn’t into dudes.

Either way, it sucks. Worst case scenario, you were so insufficient as a man that she ran off with some unemployed, out of shape bikers – or she had such a poor experience with you that she came to the conclusion that she’d rather be with the other gender altogether.

I spent the second half of my weekend evaluating what felt worse to me: losing 37-0 to Maryland or losing 73-42 to Baylor.

On one hand, in the shutout loss to the Terps, Maryland only scored 37 points and most of those were the result of failures on Special Teams and offensive unit turnovers. On the other hand, in our loss to Baylor our team managed to score 42 points and get some valuable experience operating the offense in the second half.

However, when you get shut out against a Maryland team (that lost to FSU 63-0), what does that say about your team? On the other hand, having a team break records against your team on national television is just about as humiliating as it gets.

So…which is worse? Let us know your thoughts.