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The Two Gentlemen Of Morgantown

An altercation between Art Briles and Dana Holgorsen quickly leads to Mortal Kombat.

That's just like your opinion man.
That's just like your opinion man.
John Radcliff

Scene: A bowling ally in Morgantown

Huggs_medium ...So I told her, "fire me if you want. But I'll be back in a couple years and welcomed as a hero. They'll follow you to the city limits when they fire you."

Dude_medium Right on, man.

Huggs_medium Yeah, so when we played our first game in Cincinnati, I sent her a I told you so note.

Olly_medium I hope you didn't use WVU letterhead.

Huggs_medium Shut up, Olly. You're out of your element.

Dude_medium Good for you, Bob.

Huggs_medium Yeah, I told Eddie that story and he gave me a raise.

trouble walks in


Art1_medium Hey Holgorsen. I hear you got yourself a defense this year.

Dude_medium Yeah...

Art1_medium It don't matter to Briles. We put up 63 with no defense. We put up 70 with a defense.

Dude_medium Yeah, that's just like your opinion man.

Olly_medium Bob, should I be worried?

Huggs_medium No Olly. These men aren't real bears. They're just from Waco.

Art1_medium Nobody messes with the Briles. You try to use any of that defense stuff with me and I'll throw the ball til the final gun goes BANG.

Dude_medium Suit up, man.

Art1_medium What?

Dude_medium Suit up big boy.

Olly_medium Dude, let's try to put our best foot forward here.

Huggs_mediumOlly, shut up! Dude, you up for this?

Dude_medium Yeah, they gave Dude a beeper and I've been I've watched that Tae Bo dvd you got me for Christmas a couple times.

Huggs_medium Well, I did not know that. In that case, I just have one thing to say. Finish him!