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The Two Gentlemen Of Morgantown

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An altercation between Art Briles and Dana Holgorsen quickly leads to Mortal Kombat.

That's just like your opinion man.
That's just like your opinion man.
John Radcliff

Scene: A bowling ally in Morgantown

Huggs_medium ...So I told her, "fire me if you want. But I'll be back in a couple years and welcomed as a hero. They'll follow you to the city limits when they fire you."

Dude_medium Right on, man.

Huggs_medium Yeah, so when we played our first game in Cincinnati, I sent her a I told you so note.

Olly_medium I hope you didn't use WVU letterhead.

Huggs_medium Shut up, Olly. You're out of your element.

Dude_medium Good for you, Bob.

Huggs_medium Yeah, I told Eddie that story and he gave me a raise.

trouble walks in


Art1_medium Hey Holgorsen. I hear you got yourself a defense this year.

Dude_medium Yeah...

Art1_medium It don't matter to Briles. We put up 63 with no defense. We put up 70 with a defense.

Dude_medium Yeah, that's just like your opinion man.

Olly_medium Bob, should I be worried?

Huggs_medium No Olly. These men aren't real bears. They're just from Waco.

Art1_medium Nobody messes with the Briles. You try to use any of that defense stuff with me and I'll throw the ball til the final gun goes BANG.

Dude_medium Suit up, man.

Art1_medium What?

Dude_medium Suit up big boy.

Olly_medium Dude, let's try to put our best foot forward here.

Huggs_mediumOlly, shut up! Dude, you up for this?

Dude_medium Yeah, they gave Dude a beeper and I've been I've watched that Tae Bo dvd you got me for Christmas a couple times.

Huggs_medium Well, I did not know that. In that case, I just have one thing to say. Finish him!