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WVU football Team: Halloween Party

Ohh there is no better time and place than Halloween night on a college Campus. The blowout Frat parties; the bars with their ridiculous drink specials; house parties; best costume awards; sexiest costume award.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

As we take this day to honor the dead let’s have some fun and speculate what some of the WVU football figures will dress up as this year.

  • Dana Holgorsen - Johnny Cash "Man in Black"

    Dana has been scrutinized some for not wearing much gold and blue on the side lines.  I have no idea why he prefers Black over Blue and Gold.  Why do you always wear so much Black Dana?  Do you think you are at a Funeral or something??  "Well Flip yea!! My team is under-performing, we can’t freaking score, and you keep asking me all these dumb questions at the press conferences.  I swear a funeral would be less daunting than these WVU fans on my ass.  Now get me a red bull and vodka and let me do my job."

  • Joe DeForest - Fresh Prince of Bell Air

    If you think WVU fans give Dana a hard time for wearing black.  They are relentless for this guy wearing his hat backwards.  Maybe he thinks he's that cool coach that can relate to his players better by being informal?  Maybe at his coaching meetings he sits in his chair backwards?  Maybe he just likes wearing the hat that way.  Either way it makes no difference, if you do a poor job with your position assignment the WVU fans are going to find something they don’t like about you.  Leading one of the worst WVU defenses onto the field last year, the backwards hat gained a lot of slack for his lack of professionalism.  Here’s the deal.  If you win games, No one cares what you dress like.  He could dress as Bozo the Clown on the sidelines and if his unit performs above expectations WVU would make a national clown day in his honor to recognize his achievements.

  • Kevin White - The Predator

    Apparently long hair and dread locks are in College football.  Just Ask the Baylor Bears.  I saw a handful of those guys with long dreads running around the football field in our matchup.  Kevin White is turning into a pretty good receiver.  Good size at 6’3’’ and seems to be our main target for deep balls.  Or as Trickett likes to call them, jump balls in the middle of the field.

  • Dreamius Smith - Superman

    He showed us spurts of greatness in this Oklahoma run.  He displayed an amazing combination of Strength, agility, and speed.  Very reminiscent of the Way Quincy Wilson use to run.  If our O-line could give this guy some holes, he can be very dangerous in the second level.  That is a big if..

  • The Offensive line vs. Maryland - Scarecrows

    Not the cool one in Batman Begins, but these guys.  William and Mary wasn't pretty either.  There hasn't been much to cheer about from the offensive line thus far.  Suspect QB play hasn't helped.  But, people seem to think the running backs aren't the problem this year, its the O-lines lack of giving them a seem. Things are starting to get better. Let’s hope that trend continues into November.

  • Oliver Luck - The most Interesting man in the world.

    Every career move this guy makes he not only succeeds but moves on to a higher paying gig.  Oh not to mention his offspring isn't too bad at football either.  He already has the silver fox hair, dresses well, and is pretty intelligent.  I picture him playing a game of Polo in the morning, hunting quail in the mid day and enjoying a nice Dos Equis as the sunsets.  "I don’t Always get interviewed for the Texas AD position..but when I do____(To be continued.)

  • Pat Eger - HHH

    Big, Strong, Charismatic. Long blonde flowing hair.

  • Nick O’Toole - David Wooderson (Dazed and Confused)

    Boomstache has become a Morgantown favorite this year.  Everything from his California roots to his recognizable mustache makes O’Toole well liked among the fan base.  His kicking this season has been a much needed help in the field position battle that WVU desperately relies on.  The only problem the fans have with seeing so much O’Toole on the field is that we know we have to punt.

  • Josh Lambert - David Beckham.

    The first time Dana trotted him out there to attempt a 50 yarder WVU fans scratched their heads.  Dana said in his press conference that he boots 50+ yarders all the time in practice.  Games are a little tougher, but last week he put a 50 yarder through that looked like it could have been good from 60.  There’s no denying this kid has a leg on him, the funny thing is he missed a PAT in the same game.  As long as he stays accurate he could be a weapon for us for the next few years.

  • Our QB situation - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

    All 3 have looked good very, very sparingly.  Bad- most of the times and even Ugly a few times.  No one has that great of a scrambling ability and our line doesn't give them much time.  Finding ways to win is going to be tough, but I expect at this point in the season Dana should be able to create some plays that cater to our teams offense and not try and fit a square peg into a round hole.  I’m excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.

  • Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween night however you choose to spend it!

    Feel free to post more in the comments section.