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West Virginia vs. Texas Will Kick At 7 pm

The long season of Nooners is at an end.

George Frey

And there was much rejoicing across Mountaineer-land!

Team performance thus far notwithstanding, I can't think of any Mountaineer fans who don't welcome this. I can't remember a season with as many home games that all kicked at noon the way this season has gone to date.

Even if our Mountaineers can pull off a road upset at TCU this weekend, the team will still be fighting for opportunity to go to even a minor bowl, but even more vital are the extra practices that come with it. Having this game at night will at least ensure that the crowd has plenty of time to "oil up" and give an extra jolt to the home field advantage.

Don't forget, it's a Stripe-The-Stadium night as well.

Let's hope to conjure up some more Mountaineer magic and derail the Texas Big 12 title hopes. Here's a short reminder of how special night games in Morgantown can be.