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West Virginia University Internal Review Clears Assistant Football Coach Joe DeForest Of Wrongdoing While At WVU

WVU released statement regarding their own internal investigation following allegations of DeForest's wrongdoing while at OSU.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Football assistant coach Joe DeForest was among those named in the Sports Illustrated series of articles alleging wrongdoing while he was an assistant at Oklahoma State University. Even with the modicum of credibility that those articles were sourced with, it was incumbent on WVU to do their own investigation on any possible wrongdoings that Coach DeForest may have been involved in during his current stint in Morgantown. Here is their statement:

West Virginia University has conducted an internal review as a result of the recent articles from a national media outlet, which includes allegations against one of our current assistant football coaches surrounding his time of employment at a previous institution.

WVU has not found any infractions of NCAA rules or other misconduct at our institution. WVU is unable to comment on the veracity of the media allegations levied against the assistant coach while employed at another institution, and defers to that institution, as well as appropriate NCAA infractions personnel, to complete a review and assessment of those allegations. -

The original allegations against DeForest and others at OSU were suspicious at best, but with this investigation now complete, I think we can officially consider this matter closed.