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EA Sports Promotion: Vote To Get WVU On The Cover Of Their Next NCAA Football Game

WVU has made the cut to 32 for the second round of voting.

EA Sports is letting the fans decide which school gets featured on their next NCAA Football game. Vote and help get WVU on the cover!! Second round voting ends on January 15th, so make sure your vote is counted again and often.

The EA SPORTS NCAA Football Cover Vote had advanced to the second round as the field of 126 was cut down to 32 schools today. After over 630,000 fan votes were cast on the official EA SPORTS NCAA Football Facebook page, West Virginia has continued its run to the next round.

Voting for the next round begins tomorrow, January 9, and votes are reset to zero, giving all 32 schools an equal playing field for advancing to the round of 16 schools. Fans can rally behind their favorite schools to secure a spot in round three of the tournament by visiting the official EA SPORTS NCAA Football Facebook page and voting as frequently as they’d like starting tomorrow and continuing through January 15.

Beyond voting on Facebook, fans can show their support by tweeting the #NCAACoverVote hashtag along with their favorite school, posting campus landmark photos to Instagram, creating YouTube highlight videos and more! Additionally, fans can visit to download team-specific assets that they can post on their social pages to show what team they support.

Below is a list of the 32 schools advancing to the next round.



1. Notre Dame

17. Alabama

2. Oregon

18. TCU

3. LSU

19. Miami

4. Ohio State

20. Utah

5. Texas A&M

21. Georgia

6. Nebraska

22. Oklahoma

7. Michigan

23. Missouri

8. Kansas State

24. Oregon State

9. Stanford

25. Georgia Tech

10. Penn State

26. Arkansas

11. Florida State

27. Iowa

12. West Virginia

28. Texas

13. Florida

29. Tennessee

14. Kentucky

30. Navy

15. Clemson

31. BYU

16. Wisconsin

32. Army