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The Smoking Musket Podcast: Episode 2

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SmithFire13, WVUIE97, and Country Roads sit down to discuss the Texas and Kansas State basketball games along with the recent developments of the Mountaineer Football coaching staff.

Podcast Topic Footnotes:

Part I

OT Win @ Texas - 2:09

Kansas State Loss - 8:05

ISU Mention + General Questions about team - 20:00

Part II

Timeline of Coaching Movements - 22:10

Dunlap Let Go: 26:48

Gibson Hired as DB Coach: 28:47

Spavital to TAMU: 34:45

Lonnie Galloway Returns: 36:36

WVU Football Future: 41:06

Note: Apologies for the choppiness... technical difficulties. We'll figure it out eventually.

Embedded player is below:

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