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LOL Cortez Doubles Down



You always double down, right? That's what Vince Vaughn's character, Trent said in Swingers. It didn't work out so well for his pal Mikey. It didn't work out too well for Marshall's Cortez Carter either against the Mountaineers last Saturday. For Carter, that phrase has new meaning and I would imagine he will probably flinch every time something blue and gold comes his way for the rest of his life. You know that sucks, man.



Speaking of doubling down, Pitt is now 0-2 against the state of Ohio in 2012. It would be one thing if they just got beat by Cincinnati. The Beatcats were the best team in the Big East for most of 2011. There's no shame in that. But Pitt Quarterback Tino Sunseri throwing the ball through the goal posts with the ball inside the Bearcats 10 yard line to run out the first half clock. That's just comedic gold.

"I learned with 5 seconds left not to put so much air under it so you have a couple seconds so you can kick a field goal."

Learning hurts sometimes, Tino. Just ask Cortez.