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Game Thread: #9 West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Baylor Bears

Comment along during the first Big 12 game for WVU


The day Mountaineer fans have been looking forward to for 11 months (many for much longer) is now here. Yes, Big Things are HERE. Mountaineer fans have wanted WVU to be included in big time football for as along as I can remember and today is the first chance to make a positive impression against league competition. Yes, it's too bad that we didn't get the chance to start off right with an evening or night kickoff. Still, national television is an opportunity that can't be passed up or taken lightly. I'm sure the team is focused and they are nearly as excited as the fans are. Now is the time to put up or shut up. The Big 12 starts NOW.

National television coverage is once again being provided by FX beginning at Noon ET. So, find a comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage, and join in on the running commentary, random observations, silly images, snark, wit, bitches, complaints, moans, groans, cheers, celebration and jubilation in the comments section below.

And, as always...