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WVU Wins Big 12 Debut; Beats Baylor 70-63 In Shootout Fashion

There was a combined 1500 yards of offense between the schools and 133 points.

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Just got home from the game, er shootout, er...what was that exactly?

On a day when the "Stripe the Stadium" worked better than either defense on the field, WVU (combined with Baylor) set a reported 20 school and national records (according to post-game radio). Geno Smith put up numbers that video gamers would have a hard time replicating with the difficulty settings set on the lowest level. Here are some staggering numbers to digest:

Geno Smith - 45 of 51 attempts, 656 yards, 8 touchdowns, 0 interceptions

Stedman Bailey - 13 receptions for 303 yards and 5 touchdowns

Tavon Austin - 14 receptions for 215 yards and 2 touchdowns

J.D. Woods - 13 receptions for 114 yards and 1 touchdown, plus the highlight grab of the day:


Now for the bad:

  • Defense, very little tackling proficiency

Again, a few staggering numbers:

Nick Florence - 29 of 47 for 581 yards (breaking RGIII's school record) and 5 touchdowns plus 1 interception

Terrance Williams - 17 receptions for 314 yards and 2 touchdowns

Baylor also had 2 other 100 yard receivers in Tevin Reese and Lanear Sampson

The one consolation I keep repeating to myself is that WVU will likely not face an offense of that caliber again the rest of the year (hopefully ever). Once again, it's another win and we'll take it. Next up: Longhorns on the road.