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Week Four BlogPoll Final Ballot

Here's our final ballot for the week that was.

-I moved Florida up from 13 to 11. Like I said in the rough draft, they have a quarterback now. The rest of the SEC east should be worried. Stanford and Clemson move down a spot each.

-Oklahoma back up to 16. 21st is probably a little low. They've got some issues, but not that many. Not yet anyway.

-I flipped Rutgers and Louisville. The USF victory doesn't look so good now, and we don't really know how bad Arkansas is. For some reason, Vegas moved the line to under ten points before the UL-FIU game. Maybe that seven point win wasn't so bad. After the epic game they played against North Carolina the week before, there was bound to be a little bit of a letdown.

-Moving Ohio State down to 21 feels right. Seems like they had a heck of a time with UAB. Which doesn't play well a week after the scare from Cal.

-I moved Northwestern out and brought Mississippi State in. I'm not really sure how much I believe in either team. But I got to see the Bulldogs play a couple times. I still haven't seen Northwestern. They did beat three BCS schools in the first three weeks. Not three strong ones, but still. I don't know that we'll learn a lot with the Indiana and Penn State games coming up. But if they are still undefeated at that point, it's going to be hard to keep them out.