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Week Four BlogPoll Rough Draft

1. Alabama - Boring, take nap.

2. Florida State - It took them a little while to get it going. But when they did it was the most impressive showing of the week. Enough to move above Oregon and LSU, but not Alabama. Not yet, anyway.

3. Oregon - Like FSU, it took them a little bit to get going. I would have liked to have seen Arizona convert on some of those possessions in the red zone. It would have made things a little more interesting.

4. LSU - I don't want to penalize them too much. Auburn had their backs against the wall and that game was their season. LSU will have plenty of chances at redemption.

5. South Carolina - The score doesn't do justice to the ass whooping that took place in Columbia. Spurrier was so confident, he didn't even use Marcus Lattimore on their first goal line possession. As Spencer Hall tweeted, "Spurrier is just showing his ass there."

6. Kansas State - Stoops thought Snyder had a glass jaw. He was wrong...bitch.


7. Notre Dame - Two weeks, two ranked Michigan teams beaten. From what I've watched of the Irish, this is probably the high water mark. I can't imagine they will beat Stanford, Oklahoma, and USC. If they do, though, they could end up in the title game.

8. West Virginia - I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I didn't drop them at least one spot after that game. Still, if you can play that bad and still win, you must be doing something right.

9. Georgia - Still kind of waiting on them to play somebody. The way South Carolina and Florida played Saturday, their time in the top ten might be short lived.

10. Texas - Bye week.

11. Stanford - Bye week.

12. Clemson - Yeah, I know. But no one was going to beat Florida State that night. The fact that they controlled the first half and weren't really out of it until some point late in the third quarter actually says something.

13. Florida - Go ahead and call me crazy. But they seem to have a quarterback now. Something they've been lacking since the end of the Tebow era.

14. USC - Not sure how this team is going to get back into the top ten. All of a sudden, Oregon State doesn't look so easy. Add in Oregon, and the Trojans may have to settle for a third or fourth place finish in the Pac 12.

15. TCU - Beating Virginia isn't overly impressive. But the outcome never really seemed to be in question. It's certainly better than a tight game against a Sunbelt team.

16. Ohio State

17. Rutgers

18. Louisville

19. Oklahoma State

20. Oregon State

21. Oklahoma

22. Nebraska

23. Baylor

24. Northwestern

25. Michigan State

Just because