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The Best Of College Football From Around SB Nation


Time once again to glance around the SB Nation network for some great coverage of college football. We always have Bill C's Numerical (great stat on Stedman included) and Spencer's Alphabetical each week (must reads for the uninitiated), but first up this week is the weekly enjoyment of other folk's misfortunes, This Week In Schadenfreude. Here is a look at the Virginia Tech reaction to losing to an awful Pitt team:

Elsewhere The Key Play keeps it together for the most part. I can tell you that this…

Hilarious because I'm sure this is what the Pittsburgh blog looked like last week.

I'm sure it's a bit different this week. What have you done for me lately?

by VTHoop 31 min 46 sec ago | member since 08/22/2012 | 4 turkey legs

…is not accurate. Pittsburgh blogs were ready to burn the city down as long as it took the Panthers with it. You guys are just annoyed.

Bill C. is busy all over the network, but here's his weekly look at the various coaching hot seats:

3. This Is Awkward Because You Won A National Title Not Two Years Ago, But Your Team Hasn't Looked Truly Promising In A While

Gene Chizik, Auburn

Chizik was a curious hire (to put it kindly) after going 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State. If you take 2010 out of the equation, Chizik's Tigers have gone 17-12 in parts of three seasons and needed overtime to beat UL Monroe this past Saturday. Quarterback Kiehl Frazier has yet to develop very much, and quite simply, when you watch Auburn play, you don't see a team full of four- and five-star former recruits.

Of course, you can't take 2010 out of the equation. Chizik signed one of the SEC's greatest ever quarterbacks, Cam Newton, went 14-0 and won a national title. Both the roster and the coaching staff look almost completely different than they did in 2010, but that buys you a grace period, right? Even in the SEC?

Jason Kirk is another one busy all over the network. Here's his BCS Eliminator, which also has great videos, animated gifs and images each week:

Week 4 Eliminator Games Of The Week

In Arizona-Oregon, Michigan-Notre Dame, Kansas State-Oklahoma and Clemson-Florida State we have solid ranked-on-ranked action, while games like Utah-Arizona State, Louisiana Tech-Illinois, Maryland-West Virginia and Cal-USC are sure to see dreams dashed one way or the other.

And if videos are your thing you can always check out the weekly Shutdown/Fullback and Dan Rubenstein's Cheat Sheet: