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Week 3 BlogPoll Ballot Rough Draft

What we thought we knew turned out to be only partially true.

1. Alabama - Nothing is more certain in the blogpoll right now. Nick Saban against John L. Smith isn't even fair. Ever.


If you want the longer, funnier gif depiction of this game, click here.

2. LSU - Just hanging out at the bakery with Oregon eating tasty pastries until someone real comes along to challenge them.

3. Oregon - see #2.

4. Florida State - Breaking the Wake Forest jinx was a good step. Doing it in the fashion they did was rather impressive.

5. South Carolina - I don't like putting the Cocks here because the 5th best team in the country should be better than this. If I just slid Clemson up because they were the next in line, that would be wrong. I like SC more than Clemson, so that's how we get here.

6. Clemson - When the fall comes, it will come hard. And it will most likely come next week against FSU.

7. West Virginia - Not the best performance, but I felt JMU was a decent team. I expect them to do well if they make the FCS playoffs. The Mountaineers showed enough. Even as good as this offense can be, you don't put up 60 every week. I liked the red zone stands that kept the Dukes out of the end zone.

8. Notre Dame - I know this is probably too high. But since I've put so much stock in Michigan State, it would seem wrong to not give it to the team that beat the Spartans? I didn't get to watch that one, but if the Irish held Bell to 77 yards on the ground they must be pretty good.

9. Texas - You don't just go into Oxford and piss off a Marine and then score 66 on Ole Miss. Well, maybe you do. And that's what we find so impressive.

10. Georgia - Did what they needed to do.

11. Stanford - I didn't think there was any way they would be nearly as good as last year. The first game against San Jose State only fueled that belief. But hot damn what a win! We may adjust this, we may not.


12. Kansas State - Not the best job. But maybe I don't lose my belief in a team because they played an easy team and didn't impress after a big game the week before. Even if Miami isn't Miami. KSU treated the game like they were.

13. Oklahoma - Almost as bad as getting a true gauge on the Mountaineers since neither has played a ranked team. Jury is still out, but I have to believe they are at least this good.

14. USC - Stanford isn't a bad team. Nope, not at all.

15. Arizona - Just chugging along out there. Doing it through the air? Yup.

16. TCU

17. Florida

18. Louisville

19. Ohio State

20. Michigan

21. UCLA

22. Michigan State

23. Oklahoma State

24. Baylor

25. Mississippi State