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The Return Of Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

Yes, this is actually one of 5th Year's shoes.
Yes, this is actually one of 5th Year's shoes.

In my younger days I was a lot quicker to get angry and was more easily provoked. Now that I’m in my twilight years, I move more slowly, which gives me more time to reflect and think about the craziness I experience in life.

Whether it is girls on gameday wearing what appear to be washrags for clothing or seeing frat boys seamlessly transition from puking on themselves to taking another shot, I constantly shake my head. I don’t mind the first, but the second leads to behavior I will discuss later.

Unfortunately the more I think about a lot of those experiences, I get angrier. So while I may not be prone to the quick outbursts of the past, I still like to rant. Please excuse the tardiness of this post, as it took me time to build the emotions it requires for me to write a shoes post.

Fan Behavior

With all the talk of improved fan behavior, almost everyone listened. I constantly saw WVU and Marshall fans enjoying tailgates together. I even saw a couple fans go out of their way to stop some obscene behavior in the Blue Lot. However, there were those that failed to heed the suggestions and acted like idiots. Yet again, countless student ticket entrants took it upon themselves to embarrass WVU fans. Items were being thrown and vulgar chants rang out as the WVU students were entering the stadium. I swear at one point I heard a group chanting "nipple face bumblebee" at a group of Marshall girls. You’re always going to have some idiots.


No matter the day or the hour, when I travel to Morgantown, I always eat at Kegler's. I have devoured an early lunch on my way through town and even sat down for dinner on Thanksgiving night at Kegler's. I have rarely every been disappointed. That is, until the Saturday of the Coal Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, the girls working are still very attractive and the bouncers/managers are still the same. The disappointing aspect was the new limited "Game Day Menu." Since when was game day too much to handle for a sports bar? Y’all have been doing it for years. That is amateur hour for an established top of the line sports bar. If I wanted a limited menu devoid of options I would eat at a chain. The absence of cheesy breadsticks and the chicken parm sandwich caused half of our party to leave. The rest of us stuck it out, but I will think twice about eating there after the Maryland game. The limited menu didn’t make the food come quicker, so I guess I don’t’ see the point of shrinking the menu. Kegler's is better than that, at least I thought they were…

Coal Bowl

Ding dong the Coal Bowl is dead. Unless something miraculous happens this will be the last time I discuss Marshall football in any detail. It is not because I don’t want them to do well, because I do. I just do not like this game and it does not make any sense for the state of West Virginia. It provides no economic benefit for the state. There is no out of state money coming in as there would be if WVU and Marshall were both playing at home that weekend. If Marshall wants to continue the series, they can share the money they get from the state budget that subsidizes its athletic department. It is not a benefit for either team. Marshall gets embarrassed and WVU simply moves on after the victory because that is what was supposed to happen. This week has even been embarrassing for Marshall. Holgorsen thinks JMU is the bigger test and JMU’s coach called Marshall a "JV team." Everyone needs to move on. You are not Pitt. You are not Tech. You are not our rival. You are Marshall.

Notre Dame/Big East

This was added just a few seconds before posting because Notre Dame just embarrassed and finally killed the Big East. The fact that Notre Dame left after its AD was put in charge of expansion of the Big East is an absolute embarrassment. Not only for the Big East, but also for Notre Dame. The Big East was loyal to Notre Dame until the end and then it just turns its back on the conference without even blinking. I hope Notre Dame continues to wallow in 8-9 win seasons for eternity.