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Notre Dame To ACC Essentially Kills Big 12 Expansion

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So, Notre Dame is joining the ACC in all sports except football and hockey. But they will be playing at least 5 games per year against ACC teams. The ACC is also increasing their exit fee to $50 million. Some of you may be wondering why this is of any interest or concern to WVU and the fans. In a nutshell, it kills Big 12 expansion for the foreseeable future, as the most attractive targets were Florida State and either Clemson or Georgia Tech.

Of most concern, is the rumor that the SEC is asking for a Big 12 championship game to be established in order to extend the "Champions Bowl" agreement past the initial contract. If that's true, who does the Big 12 turn to in order to expand and get to the 12 members required for such a conference championship game? Work under the assumption that Louisville is a viable candidate. That still leaves one more with no real attractive schools out there. Does the league try to work out a NCAA waiver and play the game with only ten members?