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WVU 69 - Marshall 34 : Post Game Breakdown


Our inaugural season in the BIG 12 got off to a good start today with a 69-34 win over Marshall, in the final "Friends of Coal Bowl," and likely the last game between the two teams. Ever.

WVU's offense picked up right where they left off in January, which is lots of good news for Geno Smith's Heisman hopes. It does make me wonder if we're not capable of even larger numbers than we've put up in the past two games. Early in the 4th quarter, listed our yardage total at over 900. I foolishly believed them. But the fact that it didn't seem completely implausible tells me something...our offense is every bit as bad ass as previously advertised. Not since White/Slaton have we had this much confidence that 400 plus yards each game was a certainty.

As for the defense, the only good news is that before our inaugural BIG 12 schedule kicks in, we have two weeks to prepare for James Madison and another week to practice for Maryland. All tolled - we've got four complete weeks (28 days) to get better on defense before Baylor comes to Morgantown on September 29.


Actual Game Highlights

  • WVU Balanced Offense - 655 yards of total offense - 341 Passing / 314 Rushing
  • Running Game - Shawne Alston & Andrew Buie both looked great
  • Geno Smith will be our Heisman Candidate – 8 for 10 in first quarter / 19 for 22 in first half / 33 for 37 in game
  • J.D. Woods – Redshirt Senior making the most of his opportunities.

Television Specific Highlights

  1. Erin Andrews in a red dress on Fox PSA for prostate cancer
  2. WVU Commercial with Mountaineer running through woods to Cooper's Rock
  3. Pam Ward's voice was nowhere near our broadcast - she was calling a Syracuse game on another network. Another great reason to have the Big Least behind us.


Actual Game Low Lights

  1. Defense: 543 yards surrendered – 412 of them passing (Rakeem Cato was 38/54)
  2. Special Teams: Missed PAT, blocked punt, muffed kickoff return
  3. End of first quarter lapse - giving up the ball on downs inside 5 yard line.
  4. Fortunate fumbles – two own fumbles recovered

Personal Low Lights

  • Me mistakenly believing an erroneous ESPN report stating Geno had 643 yards passing
  • My wife getting mad at me when I asked her why she didn’t have a red dress like Erin Andrews

What else would you add to the list?

Well done, Mountaineers!