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Game Thread: #11 West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Marshall Thundering Herd In The Final Friends Of Coal Bowl


The long wait is finally at an end. Eight months have passed since the Mountaineers last took the field against another opponent. Since that time, a new defensive staff and subsequent defensive system have both been brought in. WVU is now officially a member of the Big 12, ranked #11 in the country with conference and possibly national title and Heisman aspirations. Boy, how things have changed in the last year. This time last year was filled with an unpleasant uncertainty, now it's filled with hopeful uncertainty. It's going to be a fun season to follow and watch develop and it all starts today with the final Friends of Coal Bowl (at least for the non-politically intervened foreseeable future).

Television coverage is being provided by FX at noon ET. So, for the first time in the 2012 football season for the WVU Mountaineers, find a comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage, and join in on the running commentary, random observations, silly images, snark, wit, bitches, complaints, moans, groans, cheers, celebration and jubilation in our first game thread.

And, as always...