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Basketball Travel Plans


Basketball? Are you out of your @#$%ing mind? It’s football season!

I know. Basketball nerds are tough to take. But the WVU basketball schedule came out today and there are a couple of things worth noting on your calendar for the winter.

I am tiring of sports pundits talking about how much more difficult the travel is going to be on WVU players and fans. Fan bases don’t travel that much for basketball anyway, but assuming you were going to travel, it’s not like you will be walking across the Sahara Desert with a canteen of water. It will usually mean an extra hour or two on a plane with a skin of bourbon.

This year’s basketball schedule has 15 HOME GAMES, four "DRIVABLE" Away games, 4+ Away Tournament games, 1 game at Gonzaga and 9 Away BIG 12 Games - most of which will be televised.

It’s the drivable games that intrigue me and should please those who live in Morgantown. We play two Big 10 Teams - Purdue in West Lafayette, IN (6.5 hour drive) & Michigan in New York City (5.5 hour drive). And, of course, we have our annual "Away" game in Charleston vs. Marshall. The final of these four games is against Duquesne, in Pittsburgh. If you have to get your Steel City travel fix on this year, you’re going to have to settle for an A-10 rivalry, played in the Consol Energy Center

As someone who does little traveling, the number of games already scheduled for network television is great. As Huggs said, "To have 19 of our 31 games already selected for national television is something our basketball program is proud of and certainly proud to be able to showcase our University and the great state of West Virginia."

Good things ahead in Big 12 Basketball!