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2012 Pick 'Em Gauntlet - Season Kickoff Edition

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The 2012 season is upon us and it's time to start our annual contest for picking games. Each week there will be 6 games to pick with the following breakdown: 5 games of note and WVU or 6 games when WVU has the week off. We will do our best to avoid weeknight games, except when WVU is involved, to allow for more time to get your picks in. Total number correct FOR THE SEASON (push is as good as a loss in this case) will be tallied and I'll have standings (Top 10 at least) posted each week. The season winner amongst the readers will get a WVU Nike T-shirt.

We will pick against the spread here. Here are the games for this week (home teams are listed first, where applicable):

  • Iowa State (+1.5) vs. Tulsa
  • Auburn (+3.5) vs. Clemson (Georgia Dome)
  • Alabama (-14.5) vs. Michigan (Jerry World)
  • Baylor (-10) vs. SMU
  • Virginia Tech (-7.5) vs. Georgia Tech
  • WVU (-25) vs. Marshall

Picks (in the comments section below) are due by noon on Saturday this week. It's total number of wins that count, so don't worry so much if you miss a week or two. Staff picks are after the jump. Last year's staff champ, Caleb, even tried to get an early jump with his dartboard and picked Alabama twice.

Caleb Wygal

WVU, Iowa St., Clemson, Alabama, SMU, GT

John Radcliff

WVU, Iowa St., Auburn, Alabama, Baylor, VT

5th Year Senior

WVU, Iowa St., Clemson, Michigan, Baylor, VT

JP Fanshawe

WVU, Iowa St., Auburn, Michigan, SMU, VT


WVU, Iowa St., Auburn, Alabama, SMU, GT

Country Roads

Marshall, Iowa St., Clemson, Michigan, SMU, GT

Mountaineer Chuck

WVU, Iowa St., Auburn, Alabama, SMU, VT


WVU, Iowa St., Clemson, Alabama, SMU, VT