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SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame: Get Your Vote On

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With the initial ten members elected by the SB Nation committee being revealed, it's now time for you, the fan to make your voices heard for the second wave of inductees to the SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame. Here are your polling places (all ballots are up):

Coaching Nominees

Defensive Lineman


Defensive Back

Special Teams

Offensive Lineman

Tight End

Wide Receiver

Running Back


WVU's Darryl Talley made the cut for the linebacker voting, but trails significantly at this point, so get over there and let your voices be heard. Polls will be open through the weekend with the winning inductees being announced on Monday morning. We knew most of our nominees would be long shots, given the pool to choose from across the country, but we still have a chance to get two out of five (even if one of those two was from that other school). Next year, #5 is eligible and we will stump as hard as we can for his inclusion, trust us.