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Quincy Wilson Joins Football Staff


If you were keeping an eye on Twitter this weekend, you may have noticed that Quincy Wilson is back at WVU as the director of player development. It's a little odd that the news would break via coach Holgorsen's Twitter account. But it's certainly great to have a former player of Wilson's stature involved with the development of current players.

"Eventually I want to develop some life skill programs and definitely dive in head first with the freshmen coming in," Wilson said. "They don’t really know what to expect. They’ve been recruited and told they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but once you get there, it’s kind of different. I want to make sure their transition from high school to college is smooth."

If you haven't seen Wilson lately, he didn't stop working out because his football career is over. He was at the Parkersburg coaches caravan this year. I don't have a picture, but I remember him standing beside Owen Schmitt at one point and thinking to myself that Owen was looking a little skinny by comparison. If you told me Wilson was also competing in body building competitions, I'd go right along with that without blinking an eye. I can only imagine this will help him to convince incoming freshman that they need to listen to every word he speaks. They certainly won't have any trouble believing Wilson is the hammer to Brandon Meriweather's nail in the Gif above.

Welcome home Quincy!

Gif via WVUPROs