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West Virginia University To The Big 12: The Countdown Is Almost Complete


Ok, folks, here we are...the final few hours of membership in the Big Least. I say that only partially in jest (yes, the Big East admittedly did some good things for WVU). This isn't a countdown looking back so much as looking forward to a bigger and brighter future for our flagship university and its athletic programs. Given the time of year, there will likely be fireworks set off in conjunction with many celebrations over the land. Yes, it's also the kickoff of many birthday parties for this grand country of ours, but many of those fireworks (at least in WV) will be in celebration of this new chapter WVU is about to embark upon. So, sit back, relax, try to stay cool, prop those feet up and enjoy your favorite (adult?) beverage or 13 as we prepare for membership into one of the power conferences in the land.

And, as always...