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The Runaway Beer Truck And Post-Game

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When the assignment for this posting came down the pipeline, my mind immediately went into scramble mode. What is my favorite WVU highlight clip? There have been so many over my lifetime. Was it Major's run against Penn St? How about Amos Zereoue's first carry? Or maybe it was one of Pat White's touchdowns? Robert Walker against Miami in '93 is a big one. Does Steve Slaton in the Sugar Bowl tickle your fancy? Let's see... What about Quincy against Miami? Maybe it was Wiley's stop and King's subsequent INT against Tech. No, that's not it.

This just in: Tino Sunseri has just been sacked again.

Breaking: WVU just scored again.

Let's try some hoops. Joe Alexander facials Stanley Robinson? Jarrod West sending a dagger through Huggs before he came home? One of Da'Sean's buzzer beaters has to at least make the list.

There's all of these and more, but I chose the ones below from perhaps my favorite Mountaineer of all time. The game highlight is really just a set up for the post-game interview. Owen Schmitt was everything we wanted a Mountaineer to be and his outpouring of emotion toward our state still brings tears to my eyes (plus it's appropriate given that today is West Virginia Day).

So, you tell us, what's your favorite WVU highlight clip? Did we forget any worth mentioning?

And...Happy Birthday West Virginia!!!