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Pacman Jones Voice Of Reason To NFL Rookies

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My high school drivers educations teacher might possibly have been in every conceivable wreck. If you listened to the stories he told before going into the subject of the day's lesson, you might agree. The only time I ever saw the man smile was when he would grab the wheel from the student driver and pull the car off the road (while still moving at or near the speed limit). He might have also grinned once while showing "Blood Runs Red On The Highway" to the class.

But because he had been in so many wrecks, he was probably the best person to teach the class. At least if the goal was to scare everyone into being good drivers. Apparently, the same logic was applied in deciding who should speak to NFL rookies this year when it was announced that Adam Pacman Jones will speak to this years rookie class. As the linked article explains, it might go something like this:

Lesson #1: "If you rookies find yourself at a strip club with Nelly during All-Star Weekend, feel free to "Make It Rain", but remember that you're in a strip club. If you throw money on stage, you're not getting that money back. On a related note..."

Lesson #2:"There is really no such thing as making it rain for "visual effect." Life is not a rap video. If you're going to Make It Rain, you gotta mean it. Another option would be to carry around fake money, but if you're a pro athlete, you should be way too ballin for any of that Monopoly money shit."

Pacman just needs to remember that these kids grew up in a different world. Don't get up there talking bout weed when bath salts are all the rage. He might just get booed off the stage for bringing that weak stuff.