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Moving The Capitol Classic Will Make It Better

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You may have noticed a link to a Sporting News article in yesterday's Shotgun/Throwdown about the Capitol Classic moving from February to December. You probably also noticed some quotes from Chuck Landon on the subject if you followed the link. For whatever reason you want to attach to it, the series has produced a lot of close games. Even though West Virginia has been the better team a majority of the time. Unlike the football series, the basketball series has a lot of history. It's been good for Charleston businesses, and I absolutely think the game should be moved to December. My reasoning will follow.

Of course, Chuck Landon completely disagrees with me. His conspiracy theory driven mind thinks moving the Capitol Classic to December is just the first step in removing Marshall from the Mountaineer's basketball schedule. The truth is that Marshall sandwiched between Syracuse and Georgetown was a huge drop in competition. Just like it'll be when they are between Kansas and Texas. My opinion is that the game in February created a competitive disadvantage for the Mountaineers. I know it's hard for me to get up for the game when the one before and after it are so much more important.

I don't want the game to go away. But the move to the first week of December makes sense. Sure, that's the same week that conference championship games are played in football. But no self-respecting conference is going to have their championship game on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, Chuck. Also, think how many students on Christmas break will be able to attend the game. The city and businesses will be geared up and decorated for Christmas. Not cutting back staff for the slow part of the year. Crazy as it might seem, Chuck, this might just make the series better.