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Q&A Podcast With Roll 'Bama Roll

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This is as good a post as any to use this picture
This is as good a post as any to use this picture

With the announcement of the 2014 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic game between Alabama and West Virginia to be played in Atlanta, the fine folks over at Roll 'Bama Roll were kind enough to include me on their podcast this past weekend for a Q&A session. With the timing of the podcast, we were also fortunate enough to discuss the new Big 12/SEC Champions Bowl (or whatever it will be called). Nick Saban was a big point of discussion, his ties to West Virginia and WVU, whether he is The Bear 2.0, why he's the reason I'm a blogger right now and more. We also managed to fit in a few questions regarding the whole conference realignment saga, scheduling, recruiting and Missouri. There's even a fashion segment centering around 5th Year Senior's blue and gold houndstooth pants. We have approximately an hour's worth of listening for you, either by direct MP3 DOWNLOAD or the widget below. Thanks again to Roll 'Bama Roll for taking the time to talk to us and setting up the podcast!!