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WVU vs. Alabama To Open 2014 Football Season

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Just when we thought the offseason was going to be boring:

The juggling he's referring to is WVU likely dropping a home game, perhaps ECU or Maryland (not necessarily dropping, but deferring). While this would normally mean a monetary loss, if this does pan out as a Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta, the normal $2M home take would be offset by a $3.1M payout, if past numbers hold true. The other possibility being bandied about on Twitter is the possibility of Big 12 expansion and less league games, making the juggling a bit simpler. Time will tell.

This game has the possibility of being absolutely juicy. Holgorsen vs. Saban. Holgorsen's offense vs. Saban's defense, both with the summer to prepare. The possibilities are endless and almost too fun to think about. Ollie, let's get this done!!

UPDATE: Apparently, it's going to happen: