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The Fall Down Pass Out: Thursday (05/10/12) Edition


Welcome, By-Godders, to the Fall Down Pass Out. Or as John Marinatto likes to call it, the Slim Pickens. We're dipping into the really bad part of the off season. But we'll keep you entertained after the jump.

Mountaineer Links

WVU could have media partner by September - Tier three rights. Wonder what Mike Parsons thinks about this since he was so opposed to any changes the last time this was brought up.

WVU comes in at number 11 in the accumulated BlogPoll - But if you're going to go to 11, why not just go on up to 10?

Scooter Berry proving self indoors for NFL shot- Hertzel column on Scooter Berry.

Jenkins looking forward to return - Finish strong big guy.

Luck still not dismissing Stanford AD rumors - There's a million reasons why he wouldn't. You can love your job and who you work for and still want more money. It's not a crime to play the game.

Cook, Garvin arrested - Hello Law School Hill

Big 12 Links

What Oklahoma's recent suspensions mean for the 2012 season- It means they'll be fully reinstated by the time the Mountaineers and the Sooners play.

Major gift puts Baylor stadium one step closer to reality - Baylor alumni stepping up.

Explosive passing plays relative to field position - Look at Texas Tech history of when they go for the bomb.

Bobby Petrino's motorcycle up for sale - Not Big 12 news, but yes, THAT motorcycle.

Video of Interests

He can kick...and tackle. Got a little Pat in him

Video of Disinterest ( put on the headphones if you're at work)

West Virginia Centric Video

Wilbur by the Sea (playin a show at my house tonight - Parkersburg)