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The Fall Down Pass Out: Tuesday (05/01/12) Edition


I'm getting a little tired of the Fall Down Pass Out intro. By now, everyone knows what's going on. Right? Cause there's more important stuff to get to. Florida State has revived Cimarron from the dead to appeal to the younger Seminole fans. Because the adults are already, "hooked"? I kid.

The only reason I brought the picture up is because I saw the original version on EDSBS. The reason I bring that up is because he's doing something very worthwhile. His annual fundraiser allows the school fan base with the highest donation level to have him get an unflattering tattoo or other nonsense of their choosing. Proceeds go to Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta. A charity he used to work for, I believe. We probably don't stand a chance in hell of him getting the flying WV logo tramp stamp, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't donate to such a worthy cause.

Mountaineer and Big 12 Links after the jump.

West Virginia Links

Holgorsen hopeful his players stay in line - Let's just let Marshall win the Fulmer Cup.

Jones, football team win final DA awards - Wish you could stick around another year or ten, Kevin.

Caridi to MC WVU Caravan - For the Parkersburg folks. Huggins, Holgorsen, and Barry Switzer will be in attendance.

Coleman a solid fit for West Virginia - 2013 running back commit, DeShawn Coleman.

Bruce Irvin explains recent arrest, comments on coaching - Getting everything out that people have been guessing about since Bruce was drafted.

Tyler Urban will join WVU frenzy with Tampa Bay - Morgantown south. Somebody send Greg Schiano some WVU gear.

Big 12 Links

NCAA pursues four team playoff for 2014 - More general football than Big 12, but it affects us just the same. Also, I haven't brought this up that I remember.

Hosting semifinal games at anchor bowls currently leading playoff proposal- Stewart Mandel on BCS changes.

Baylor's Tevin Elliot charged with sexual assault- This is the kind of thing Holgorsen doesn't want this off season. Especially this. Treat the ladies like ladies, m'kay?

Texas wins lone star showdown with A&M- Ha! GTFO tour comes to an end.

Video of interest - Interview with Josh Jenkins

Video of disinterest

West Virginia Centric Video of the Day

T. Paige subscribed to my youtube page. Very pleasant surprise for me. And of course, nice hat, T.