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Jeff Mullen Selling Wisdom To Marshall


There's a lot of things I didn't think I would wake up and read Wednesday. One of them was "Jeff Mullen" and another was "lends his opinion." Because we rarely saw anything remarkable that wasn't a broken play while he was calling the offense at West Virginia. It's hard to imagine that anyone would pay him to say, "you need better athletes to do what my guys did."

As bizarre as that is, the fact that it's Marshall that's paying him makes it that much funnier. They know as well as anyone that he wasn't the reason good things happened. But it happened.

According to multiple sources, Mullen allegedly was paid to give Holliday an evaluation of the pros and cons he saw from Marshall's offense during Tuesday's practice.

I would imagine he sees a lot of what he saw at West Virginia. Teams that could move the ball, but couldn't impose their will on the defense because they were too mistake prone to have any consistency. His teams seemed to lack discipline and focus. Maybe it's easier to notice on the outside looking in as the article suggests. The answer for West Virginia was a bizarre off season and an overhaul of the coaching staff.

Your move, Marshall.

ht: Casazza Blog