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Smoking Musket Bracket Challenge Final Standings

final bracket 2012
final bracket 2012

So now that the evil one and his "one and done" minions have won the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament title, the annual Bracket Challenge has come to an end and we crown our champion bracketeer. Congratulations to "GetOffMyCourt" for the winning bracket, especially with having a team with first round exit as the bracket champion. (I've sent an email to the one listed on the contest, but if it isn't one you use, please email me directly at

Once again, amongst the staff, Caleb and his magic dartboard led the staff entries in 15th place. Full standings are LINKED HERE and the top 15 are listed after the jump. Thanks to everyone for playing!! Hopefully next year, it'll be a better year for the Mountaineers and be more worth following the progress through the tournament. I know I basically tuned out basketball once WVU was ousted from this year's tournament.