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The Fall Down Pass Out: Monday (04/30/12) Edition

Welcome, By-Godder's, to The Fall Down Pass Out. With WVUIE97 off on his conquest of Europa, a stand-in for the Shotgun/Throwdown was needed. As I explained it, it's a S/T for light weights, because I couldn't ever do anything that thorough.

Recap of Mountaineers and the Big 12 in the 2012 NFL Draft after the jump.

Mountaineer Links

Bruce Irvin Broke Your Mock Draft, And That's Okay - Missed this one Friday, but well worth the read. If only for this tweet from Bruce Feldman, "Quote that probably won't go in new Zona DL coach Bill Kirelawich's bio from Bruce Irvin: "I got 23 sacks in 2 yrs & I've never been coached."

Irvin vows to pay off for the Seahawks - I can't wait until he comes screaming off the edge and everyone is in agreement of his talent.

First Round Surprise - Local thoughts from Hickman on Irvin.

Irvin celebrates jackpot pick - Self explanitory.

Goode and Tandy to Tampa Bay - Metro News

Bucs select Tandy Goode - Via Wheeling Intelligencer

Buccaneers select two Mountaineer defenders - Tampa Bay .com

Undrafted Julian Miller out to prove himself in NFL - Don't matter where you're drafted. Just where you are on opening day. Hope to see you out there Julian. You had a great career as a Mountaineer!

Four Mountaineers sign as undrafted free agents - Along with Julian Miller to the Bengals, Don Barclay was signed by the Green Bay Packers. Eain Smith signed with Washington, and Cody Nutter signed with Tampa Bay.

**Thanks to Caleb and WVUPros for helping me out with the links. **

Around the Big 12

New York Jets draft Baylor's Robert Griffin in the sixth round - Just go with it for a second.

Todd Monken apologizes for comments on OU, Landry Jones - Man, wait til they get a load of us and Pitt.

Big 12 in the draft - Barking Carnival has a recap of Big 12 players selected in the first three rounds. Yes, we will be playing against much better competition next year.

NFL Draft by conference - Big 12 had 26 drafted compared to the Big East's 12.

Sorry this is a little incomplete. Long, fun weekends will do that

Image via Eat Dallas