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2012 NFL Draft: Keith Tandy Drafted By Tampa Bay

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There are great stories behind every Mountaineer drafted. That's true for Keith Tandy as well. Tandy was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the sixth round. Joining fellow Mountaineer Najee Goode. Having never beaten West Virginia while at Rutgers, Greg Schiano is loading up on Mountaineers now. If you can't beat them, draft them.

Tandy's story is one of redemption. Things didn't go well early, and Keith had to earn his way back by proving himself on the field. Obviously, he took full advantage of his opportunity. While at West Virginia he had 13 interceptions and 24 pass breakups. Most of them coming in his last two years. He has a nose for the football and he gets in positions to make plays. He's not afraid to take on ball carriers as evidenced by his 188 tackles. Congratulations Keith!

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