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The Fall Down Pass Out: Bruce Irvin (04/27/12) Edition

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Welcome, By-Godder's, to The Fall Down Pass Out. With WVUIE97 off on his conquest of Europa, a stand-in for the Shotgun/Throwdown was needed. As I explained it, it's a S/T for light weights, because I couldn't ever do anything that thorough.

Congrats Bruce! Like I said last night, it seems like such a short time that Bruce was with us. But for him, it's been a long road. All the hard work finally paid off last night. So let's look at the reaction from Morgantown and Seattle.

Bruce Links

Seahawks pull off draft stunner with Bruce Irving Pick - A look at the relationship between Irving and Carroll.

WVU's Irvin taken by the Seattle Seahawks with 15th pick - Thoughts from Irvin's Junior College coach, Bob Jastrab.

We just didn't want to get too cute - Seahawks GM weighs in on Irvin.

Seattle moves down in the draft once, but not twice - Seahawks thought about trading down again and still picking Irvin.

Seahawks enamored with speed of Irvin - Just like everyone we played the last two years.

With a wide-open road ahead of them, the Seahawks took the path least traveled - You get an underlying sense of apprehension with some of these articles. They'll come around.

Bruce Goes First - John Antonik on Irvin.

Mountaineer Links

One proud father - Yeah, there was that other WVU connection to the draft last night. Congrats Mr. Luck.

Around the Big 12

Bevo's Roundup 4/27/12 - Several WVU + TSM links.

Baylor WR Kendall Wright to the Titans at #20 - Like RG3 and Blackmon from OSU, we're glad you could get out of the college game in time for us to come to the Big 12, sir.

Four in the first round for the Big 12 - Not a bad showing. I would have added Tannehill in there but as I understand it from our fellow Big 12 bloggers, screw the Aggies.

Videos of interest