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Bruce Irvin To The Seattle Seahawks



As Mike Casazza put it earlier today, "But, man, what a surreal story if this happens. I’d have to say, one of the more amazing and irresistible rags-to-riches stories we’ve witnessed, right?" And I'd like to add, it happened so quick. It was just two years ago that Bruce Irvin was turning heads in his first spring with the team. Now, he's headed to the Seattle Seahawks with the fifteenth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

We've been lucky at West Virginia to have several players that brought this kind of excitement. Bruce was definitely one of them. The chants of "Bruuuuuce" following every sack. The seemingly cement filled shoes of the person opposite him. It almost wasn't fair. He's got speed to burn, and as you can see from the gif above, he's not afraid to let someone run out of his way to the quarterback. Wish he could stick around two more years, but it's his time to shine. Congratulations Bruce! Seattle made a very wise choice.