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The Fall Down Pass Out: Wednesday (04/25/12) Edition


Welcome, By-Godder's, to The Fall Down Pass Out. With WVUIE97 off on his conquest of Europa, a stand-in for the Shotgun/Throwdown was needed. As I explained it, it's a S/T for light weights, because I couldn't ever do anything that thorough.

Did you know Seth Greenberg got fired from Virginia Tech? It's a little funny cause he really was shocked. Cheers to the man that made VT synonymous with NIT. I almost hope he gets hired by ESPN as an analyst. Basketball needs a Mark May. Just to pick on.

Apparently everyone found a way to vote illegally in the ESPN College Gameday contest. Voting has stopped for now. We'll try to let you know when the voting is opened up again.

Mountaineer Links

Curry, Irvin's skills don't go unnoticed- Defensive Ends from Marshall and WVU expected to go early in the draft.

Hostetler connects WVU's past, future - Looking back at the upset of Oklahoma in 1982.

Rifle: Trio Represents WVU at World Cup - Remember when we almost got rid of the rifle team? Yeah, that would have been stupid to say the least.

What They're Saying About WVU - More from the Big 12 coaches spring conference.

Moro pushing to start in WVU secondary - Hertzel column on Matt Moro.

Around the Big 12

Breaking News: Baylor F Quincy Miller Is Going Pro - Good news for the rest of the Big 12.

NFL Draft 2012: Longhorns Turn Recruiting Success Into NFL Draft Picks - Breaking down Texas and the Big 12's NFL draft history and recruiting since 2005.

Subway makes sculpture of RG3 - It's a nice gesture, but man that thing looks so wrong.

Sorry I'm going to have to keep it short this morning. Hope to have more tomorrow.

Video of disinterest