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Charlie Weis Motivational Speaker

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In a way, all coaches are motivational speakers. Since they are dealing with young adults, one of the hardest jobs they have is keeping everyone on the same mental page. Not an easy thing when you consider the hormones involved with college athletes. Coupled with changing a losing mentality (his words, not mine), the task is that much harder.

In the midst of changing the culture, Weis has the Jayhawks practicing their victory celebration by dogpiling on the field goal kicker after he kicks said winning field goal. Weis goes on to belittle their first attempt. But seems a little more pleased with the second attempt.

"I can tell you guys aren’t used to winning. (Pause) Hey. Hey, fellas. OK. Winning a football game is not supposed to be an uncommon occurrence. I know that’s a novel concept around here. OK. When you win a football game, there’s supposed to be a celebration that looks like a celebration. And that was a pile of crap. I believe in practicing everything, including winning. That’s what this is all about."

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I've never really liked Weis, and at first glance this seemed a little over the top redundant. Like practicing departure for a road game. But it occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of thing most fans like to see in their team. The whole team or unit together in celebration rather than the touchdown maker patting himself on the back, a la Barry Horowitz.

It would probably help if the field goal kicker would have hit the first one. The team was hesitant on the second and they got out of rhythm trying to figure out if it was good or not. They should have just jumped on him anyway and reminded him he has one job. ONE! At least he'd get some real pressure situation kicks in.