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Jon Gruden Explains The Death Of Defensive Coordinators

Gruden breaks down how to explode an assistants head.
Gruden breaks down how to explode an assistants head.

If there is a better example of how to get a defensive coordinator fired, Jon Gruden hasn't seen it.The former NFL coach will show you highlights of the Orange Bowl between West Virginia and Clemson to prove his point. Last Friday, Gruden was at the University of Tennessee's coaching clinic talking to high school coaches about the importance of tempo with the offense.

While speaking, video of the Orange Bowl beat down (or meltdown depending on how you look at it) played behind him.

"If you're an opposing coach," Gruden continues, "you can't do anything but scream at your assistants." At that moment, Clemson's Dabo Swinney is seen yelling at defensive coordinator Kevin Steele, who was fired shortly after the game.

Fired is really the wrong word here. Fired would imply that Kevin Steele did his job poorly. The truth is that Steele's head exploded at some point in the third quarter and he was replaced by an android. That the android knew nothing about defensive football wasn't a problem as there was no discernable difference in the play of the Clemson defense after Steele's unfortunate demise.

Video of Gruden and Steele's accident after the jump.