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The Inevitability Of Holgorsen Rumors

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It certainly didn't take long, did it? Before the ink was dry with the news of Bobby Petrino being fired, lists were already being put together for who would be a possible successor. At least some of them had Dana Holgorsen's name on them. As the day goes on, I'd expect to see a lot more lists with his name on it. It's the price of success in Morgantown.

With Rich Rodriguez, we all breathed a sigh of relief when he did not become the next coach at Alabama. Unfortunately, we all thought (or mostly) that we wouldn't have to deal with that again. But the only time you can stop worrying about that at West Virginia is when our coach is no longer the hot commodity that he is today. Given what HCDH has done in his short career, it would take a meltdown of Michigan proportions to change that. Hehe!

Holgorsen isn't the only hot shot out there. His ties with Arkansas somewhat resemble mine, which is to say he doesn't have any. The Razorbacks should go looking for a somewhat safe hire with ties to the program. But then again, they do wear hog hats. So they might be crazy enough to go after him.

The one thing I know about situations like this is that you and I don't know anything. Charlie Strong and Gus Malzahn would be the names I would expect Arkansas to go after. Maybe they promote someone from within like Ohio State did, until they can conduct a proper search.

I know this probably puts some undue stress on some folks. So follow me after the jump to put your mind at ease.

If it doesn't show, this is from a Pitt blogger.