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Smoking Musket Bracket Challenge Update


Forgive me please, as I've been remiss to post an update to our Yahoo! bracket challenge. Our current leader has Missouri winning it all, so they have that going for them (and that bracket can still actually win). I can't make too much fun, as I have the same champion selected on my bracket. At least they weren't like 5th Year Senior, who filled his bracket out on CBS and wondered why he was alone. are the top 20 (after the jump). If you haven't noticed, there's a scenario generator on the page to see what would happen in the various game match-ups. Basically for our group, it will come down to "Shot In the Dark," "GetOffMyCourt" or "JM's Bracket" to be our group champion, from what I can discern.

I will post a full standings sheet after Monday's game. Good luck to the three and thanks to everyone who played!