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Adam Morrison Would Rather Forget The Tournament

It's true that Adam Morrison has some bad memories of the NCAA tournament. What seemed like a sure thing turned into a nightmare against UCLA in the 2006 tournament. After being up big in the second half, Morrison and Gonzaga watched their lead slip away and they eventually lost. Morrison's reaction is well documented and not the sort of thing a man wants to be remembered for. Even just a little bit. It doesn't overshadow what Morrison and Gonzaga were able to accomplish in his time there. But still, it's there.

Flash forward to 2012 and Joe Lunardi's comments about the match up between West Virginia and Gonzaga. Adam heard this, and let's just say he didn't react well.


To be honest with you, when I heard Lunardi say this was bad for Gonzaga I wanted to drink too. Because I don't know that a) it isn't some sort of jinx, and b) the last time we were considered bad news for anyone. It doesn't help to see all the highlights of Zags dunking on everyone behind his words.

It's been a long season full of highs and lows for the Mountaineers. If West Virginia is smart, they'll realize that none of that matters now. It's a new season. The past is the past and it shouldn't have any affect on tomorrow's game. I keep telling myself that, anyway.

This post is intended as satire. I have no knowledge of Morrison's reaction, if there was one at all.