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Big 12 Conference Championship Game Thread: Baylor Bears vs. Missouri Tigers

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It's conference championship Saturday and we thought it would be a great idea to jump into this Big 12 thing head first. What? You didn't think we'd be covering THIS Conference USA game did you? That sinking ship has sailed. Tonight it's the 11th ranked Baylor Bears, a team WVU SHOULD have beaten, taking on the 5th ranked Missouri Tigers (who says they don't play good hoops in the Big 12?). I wonder how bad the officials will treat that exiting team?

ESPN/ESPN3 is providing television coverage beginning at 6 pm EST, live from Kansas City. You can see their preview HERE. So, find yourself a comfortable spot, grab some of your favorite beverages and join us in running commentary, random observations and getting used to being in a new conference in the comments section. I'm not sure if we have any rooting interest in this game or not, but it should be a good game. At the very least, we can check out how bad their officials are.