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Big East Mediation From The Fairway

The slow process of the mediation and the litigation between the Big East and West Virginia University leads me to day dream about a prop bet for our early release. One involving golf clubs and horses.


Sadly, no on ever listens to me. Things do seem to be coming to a head. Mediation is scheduled to conclude on February 9th and the Big 12 2012 football schedule was due February 1st.

Today was the deadline for the Big 12 to release its schedule for 2012 per its contract with its television partners. The conference has reportedly submitted a schedule, but it likely won’t be made public until some time next week as the Feb. 9 status conference draws close.

There's no guarantee that a final settlement will be announced on the ninth. But it does seem to at least be a possibility. Perhaps the Big 12 sent two possible schedules, one with and one without WVU, and it won't be announced until the litigation is complete. If this was a relationship, we could file for irreconcilable differences.

We're both at fault here. The way West Virginia is going about this isn't with a lot of class. But conference realignment didn't just magically appear when Syracuse and Pittsburgh announced they were leaving. We justify our actions by the results we expect. And out of frustration for the lack of action, not reaction, the conference has displayed. It's why Oliver Luck was brought in as athletic director. John Marinatto, that was your first clue. Actually, your first clue was Rutgers building up their stadium to woo the Big 10. Rumors should have been flying around somewhere about the Big East looking into expansion.

Sadly, the only people talking about Big East expansion were the people on message boards from the football schools. Call them crazy if you want. But they saw it coming. So now that lack of action is coming home to roost and you only start looking for schools when your back's against the wall. I'm a little iffy on the new Big East. But the point is you could have done that at any time. Imagine if you really had a plan and had been working on it for the past four years. Instead, you went with the Scott Trade option.